Diesel generators are an ideal way of providing enough energy aboard to keep your batteries fully charged while providing power for larger loads such as AC cooking, dive compressors etc. While this acts as an on-board power station ensuring you always have energy, the disadvantage to diesel generators is their size, weight and noise. Enertec offer the range of Fischer Panda diesel generator sets. German engineered to be the smallest, lightest and quietest generators available in the market.

While Fischer Panda have offered their range of compact, lightweight and quiet fixed rpm ‘x’ Series generator sets for over 30 years, it is the development of the inverter technology, variable speed ‘i’ Series generators that have helped Fischer Panda lead the world with the latest technology in diesel generator sets. The ‘i’ Series range have set new standards when it comes to compact size, lightweight, quiet operation and overall performance of a diesel generator.

The ‘i’ Series range offer generators from 4kW to 50kW while in the ‘x’ series and ‘HD’ Series models from 6.8kW to 170kW are available.

Although most applications for diesel generators are to provide clean uninterruptible AC power, on smaller vessels, or when a generator is dedicated to battery charging only (for example in an electric propulsion vessel) Fischer Panda can offer their extensive range of AGT DC diesel generators. The AGT-DC range use variable speed technology to ensure the engine is running at the optimal rpm for the load the generator is required to delivery. This range of high efficiency DC generators is available from 3.2kW to 24kW.

Extremely Compact ✓ | Very Light Weight ✓ | Super Quiet operation ✓ | Engineered and Built in Germany ✓