When installing both a battery charger and inverter it is worth considering the advantages a combination Inverter Charger unit can offer.

These ‘Combi’ units provide an energy efficient true sine wave inverter with a high quality multi step battery charger in a single box.

Furthermore also integrated into the unit is a transfer switch to automatically transfer AC power between shore/generator and inverter power removing the need for manual change over switches. While there are many combi units on the market that offer a true sine wave inverter, invariably the compromise is a poor quality battery charger.

Many manufacturers use poor quality chargers to reduce the price of the combi, but the downside with lower quality chargers is that they have higher ripple, which will heat a battery and shorten its life, have no temperature compensation and are less efficient than a quality charger.

Enertec’s range of combi units don’t make this compromise, with each combi consisting of both a high quality sine wave inverter with an efficient high quality, temperature compensated battery charger to ensure you get maximum life out of your batteries.

True Sine Wave Output ✓ | High Quality Charger ✓ | Integrated Transfer Switch ✓ | Designed for Hash Marine Environment ✓