DC-DC Converters are an essential item to complete your electrical system. 

They can provide a simple and effective solution to a number of common problems when designing your system.  Firstly they are ideal for providing voltages different from what you main battery bank supplies without having to install separate battery banks. 

An example of this is when you have 12V electronics aboard your vessel but have a 24V house battery bank.  A DC-DC converter can provide clean 12V (depending on model) supply from your 24V house battery bank to run your 12V electronics.   Secondly, some models have a built-in battery charger allowing them to be used as a battery charger between different battery banks with dissimilar voltages. 
This is commonly seen when a vessel has a 24V house battery, but also requires a small 12V radio battery.  A DC-DC converter with battery charger mode will charge the 12V battery with a 3 stage charge characteristic from the 24V house battery bank.  And finally our range of DC-DC converters also provide optimal voltage stabilisation for sensitive electronic equipment.  Given most electronic devises are sensitive to spikes and sags in voltage, installing a DC-DC converter to run these loads ensures the equipment is always supplied with clean stable DC power for optimal performance and longevity.

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