Whisperprop Hybrid Drive Systems

Fischer Panda has succeeded in bringing the advantages and possibilities of the diesel electric drive from large ships to smaller commercial and recreational vessels. In a Whisperprop drive system, a highly efficient diesel eMotion generator produces the energy for one or more drives, air conditioning systems, additional power consumers on board and for charging the batteries.

Premium Drive Systems

1. Complete – ONE-STOP supply 2. Quiet – quiet operation and perfect maneuverability 3. Lifestyle – and passion thanks to state-of-the-art architecture

Premium Performance
4. High quality – for high safety demands by redundancy 5. Communication – always up-to-date by WiFi and GSM 6. Professional support – commissioning and in-house-training

Premium Concepts
7. 48V Hybrid drive – 10kW for house boats and small yachts up to 10 t 8. 288V Hybrid drive – up to 50kW with Aziprop and shaft systems 9. Parallel hybrid – THE innovative solution for superyachts

Premium Enjoyment
10. Enjoy quiet cruising The Whisperprop drives are constructed with modern and dynamic permanent-magnet motors. These provide higher thrust and substantially increase the maneuverability capabilities. Fischer Panda‘s Hybrid Systems allow both the motor to be running and the batteries to be charged while sailing*. The systems are available, depending on performance required, with a voltage of 48V or 288V.

Very quiet
Greater thrust throughout entire speed range
Improved maneuvering capabilities
One generator can power several drives
Highly efficient onboard power system from same unit
More design flexibility for layout
Generator can be positioned mid-ship on the boat’s center line
Full steerage at all maneuvering speeds
Optimal performance using Advanced Generator Technology
Multiple control stations possible
Options for regeneration (Regeneration options on request)
For technical Specifications

Whisperprop Systems: https://www.fischerpanda.de/whisperprop-hybrid-drive-systems.htm

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