Diesel generators are an ideal way of providing enough energy aboard to keep your batteries fully charged while providing power for larger loads such as AC cooking, dive compressors etc.

While this acts as an on-board power station ensuring you always have energy, the disadvantage to diesel generators is their size, weight and noise. Enertec offer the range of Fischer Panda diesel generator sets. German engineered to be the smallest, lightest and quietest generators available in the market.
The range of Fischer Panda Generators starts with the entry level ‘s’Series which are ideal for charging batteries and running small loads.  The ‘x’ Serie
s generators have long been the core of the Fischer Panda range offering fixed rpm generators ranging from 8kVA to 65kVA and providing a solution for every vessel to ensure you are never without power!  

The latest to the Fischer Panda line up is the ‘i’ Series which has rewritten what is possible when it comes to compact size, low weight and quiet operation.  Fischer Panda have lead the way with the development of this inverter range of variable speed generators which not only offer huge advantages in weight and size, but also burn less fuel and make even less noise.  The ‘i’ series range area available in sizes from 5kVA to 150kVA.

Extremely Compact ✓ | Very Light Weight ✓ | Super Quiet operation ✓ | Engineered and Built in Germany ✓

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