When charging batteries from an engine alternator it is essential to get as much charge into your battery bank as quickly as possible and then maintain these batteries without over charging them. 

Regulators that are supplied with an alternator are usually a basic single-step regulator, that often do not charge at a high enough voltage to provide a fast recover of batteries, or charge at a low enough voltage when the battery bank is fully charged, leading to overcharging and gassing of batteries. 

The solution to this is 3 stage regulator, or smart alternator regulator.  These regulators charge the battery with a 3 stage charge regime ensuring battery voltage is high enough to provide a fast, safe charge, but then dropping to a lower voltage once the batteries are fully charged to ensure they are not over charged and damaged.  Furthermore our range of 3 step regulators also provide voltage sensing to overcome any voltage drop in your system, and temperature compensations to continually monitor the battery temperature and change charge voltage with respect to the gassing point of your battery. 

A 3 step alternator regulator will provide faster recover and better longevity of your battery bank.

Fast, Safe Charging ✓ | Voltage Sensing ✓ | Temperature Compensation ✓ | Suitable for all Battery types ✓

Alternator Regulators

Mastervolt Alpha Pro III

$565.00 excludes gst

Alternator Regulators

Balmar MC-618-H-12V

$642.00 excludes gst

Alternator Regulators

Balmar MC-624-H-24V

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Alternator Regulators

Balmar MC-612-DUAL-H-12V

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Alternator Regulators

Balmar MC-TS-A

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Alternator Regulators

Balmar MC-TS-B

$98.00 excludes gst