An AC battery charger is essential for charging your batteries from either shore supply or a generator. 

Then it is the design and technology of the charger that will determine how quickly, safely and reliably it will charge your batteries while maximising battery life. 

All battery chargers offered by Enertec feature multi step charge parameters to charge your battery in the shortest time possible without over charging them.  Chargers have adjustable voltage set points to ensure the charger is charging the battery at the batteries required voltage settings and use temperature compensation to adjust the charge voltage as temperature changes to avoid charging your battery above their gassing point. While there are many low cost battery chargers on the market, the majority of these have low cost poor design with high ripple on the Dc output, thus heating a battery and shortening its life. 

By selecting any of the Enertec range of AC battery chargers you ensure maximum life from you batteries and thus better return on your battery investment.

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