It is important to be careful when introducing shore power aboard, especially when the yacht is made of aluminium or steel.

An incorrectly configured system can result in electrolysis, which will slowly but surely corrode the metal components.

It is also important to protect the engine, rudder, rudder stock, propeller and thruster on composite yachts. Enertec offers a range of galvanic isolators and shore power transformers to achieve this and protect your valuable vessel.

Provides Electrical safety ✓ | Help protects against electrolysis ✓ | Compact & Lightweight ✓

Galvanic Isolators

ProSafe 22034 30A

$579.00 excludes gst

Galvanic Isolators

Prosafe 22074 60A

$772.00 excludes gst

Galvanic Isolators

Mastervolt GI 3.5

$1,758.00 excludes gst

Galvanic Isolators

Mastervolt GI 7

$3,155.00 excludes gst