Lithium Ion Batteries – The ultimate solution in energy storage for your vessel or motorhome. 

Li-Ion battery technology provides significant advantages over traditional lead acid (Flooded, AGM, GEL) batteries.  Smaller, lighter, faster charging and long life are features all customer desire. However not all Li-Ion batteries are the same!

While there are many Li-Ion cells being sold in the market, the core to the success of any Lithium Ion battery application, including the longevity of the battery is the integrated batter management system (BMS) and Cell Balancer. 

Without a suitably designed BMS or cell balancer any Li-Ion battery will not deliver the performance or longevity the technology can offer – simple.  Furthermore the BMS and cell balancing must be designed for the application it is to be used in and comply with the latest electrical standards.  

Enertec offer a range of both Motorhome/ RV Li-Ion batteries and Marine/ Industrial batteries.

Juice Motorhome & RV Li-Ion batteries are designed for simple drop in replacement of traditional lead acid batteries and have a fully integrated BMS and cell balancing system, while providing battery monitoring via Bluetooth to your smart device.

Juice Li-Ion Professional Series batteries are designed specifically for marine, solar and industrial markets. There are a number of unique features that are required for a Li-Ion battery being used in a marine application including safety from damage from charging systems (in particular engine alternators), and independent control over load and charge sources to prevent unintended black ship occurrences.

Juice Li-Ion batteries offer the ultimate in battery performance and longevity!

   Cycle Life ✓✓✓✓✓| Starting Motors ✓✓✓✓| Shock Resistant ✓✓✓✓| Temperature Resistant ✓✓ 

Lithium Ion

Juice JLI-12200PRO

$3,400.00 excludes gst

Lithium Ion

Juice JLI-24200PRO

$5,750.00 excludes gst
$570.00 excludes gst
$1,072.00 excludes gst
$1,695.00 excludes gst
$5,230.00 excludes gst
$9,191.00 excludes gst
$9,191.00 excludes gst