Permanant Magnet Alternators – Revolutionising Battery Charging

Enertec have again pushed the boundaries of conventional marine electrical equipment and developed the Juice Permanent Magnet Alternator (PMA).  This new unique product revolutionizes battery charging from the main engines of your vessel.

Compared to a conventional alternator it has around twice the efficiency, peaking at 91%.  This requires less power from the engine to run the PMA, it burns less fuel, produces greater charging current to the battery and generates far less heat.

Juice’s PMA delivers high output at low rpm (engine idle) allowing significant battery charging at lower revs and maximum outputs of 320A @ 12V for the PMA 4.5, and 320A @ 24V for the PMA 9.  The PMA 9 is also suitable for use in a 48V system.

Max power draw from the engine is 7hp on the PMA 4.5 and 14 hp on the PMA 9.  This represents around half the power required from the engine compared to a similar output from a conventional alternator.

Other unique features are the ability to program your own charge curve.  While many smart alternator regulators allow you to current limit an alternator to a maximum output current, the Juice PMA allows you to program max current output at various rpm to allow for limitations in available engine power from idle through to full power.  The Juice PMA also has a Max Propulsion Mode, allowing the user to disengage the alternator at the tap of a button when full power is needed for propulsion during maneuvering or motoring into a strong headway.

The Juice PMA, while suitable for all battery types, has predominantly been designed for today’s Li-Ion battery technologies which accept high charge current for super-fast charging.  Furthermore, when coupled with Juice Li-Ion batteries they manage the charging process to provide the best possible charging rate and eliminate the stop charge events typically seen on all lithium ion batteries at the top end when having to balance.  This leads to better performance and even greater longevity of Juice Pro Series Li-Ion batteries.

The range consists of the PMA 4.5 which can deliver 320A @ 12V or 160 @ 24V, and the PMA 9 which can deliver 320A @ 24V or 160A @ 48V.

Juice PMA alternators are delivered as a package including the alternator and required external regulator/s.