Leading ‘Juice’ Lithium-Ion marine batteries achieve NMEA 2000 certification

A New Zealand made Lithium-Ion marine battery now ticks even more boxes in the ‘must have’ category, following its certification under NMEA 2000.

Endorsement by the NMEA 2000 standard confirms that Enertec Marine’s ‘Juice’ branded Pro series battery integrates seamlessly with other certified products such as CZone, Raymarine and Simrad.

This certified technology allows the Juice batteries to display on compatible third-party screens, allowing for more accessible information gathering and ease of monitoring out on the water.

The NMEA 2000 is the ‘plug and play’ communications standard that connects marine sensors with the display units in your vessel.

“We’re excited to add another beneficial functionality to our Juice battery, which is already one of the best performers on the market,” says Enertec co-owner Jeremy Peacock.

“Installing these batteries significantly reduces the weight and size of your house battery bank. They also provide far better performance than conventional lead acid (Flooded, AGM or GEL) batteries allowing greater useable capacity, ability to run high loads from inverters without voltage sags, longer service life and faster, more efficient charging. Juice Li-Ion batteries can be charged from 80% DoD to fully charged in just one hour.”

Identifying a gap in the market for top quality Lithium-Ion batteries, Enertec Marine brought the Juice Pro series all the way from R&D to market, creating what they consider the industry gold standard. They are designed and manufactured in New Zealand.