Enertec Showroom Remodelled

Exciting times…

The team have recently remodelled the Enertec Showroom at Miro Place to better display our growing range of leading edge electrical and energy products for the Marine and RV markets.

With huge growth in Lithium Ion battery technology, more space has been allocated to better display this exciting product.  We are extremely proud to be manufacturing our own range of Juice Lithium Ion Batteries. These batteries are the result of cooperation with the University of Auckland’s electrical engineering department. The batteries are designed to meet the AS/NZS 3004 standard pertaining to lithium-ion battery installations in boats. As such they incorporate a sophisticated electronic cell balancing and management system (BMS), ensuring reliability, safety and maximised battery life. Also incorporated is a self-test feature, believed to be a world first. It enables the system protection mechanisms to be checked at the press of a button on the remote operation and-monitoring panel.

More room has also been allocated to display our market leading Spectra Watermaker systems and Fischer Panda compact and quiet generator sets.

Marine Solar Panels and Wind Generators are an ideal way of supplementing the charging capabilities you have from your main engine.  With increases in electrical loads aboard, particularly refrigeration, the main engine can spend a lot of time running primarily for charging the batteries. By installing either a wind generator, solar panels, or both, you can add significant charging capability to your system and thus making you less reliant on engine alternator charging.

Come in to our showroom and you can view our JUICE flexible solar panels, which when used with our MPPT solar regulators provide extremely efficient energy generation from the sun while providing better aesthetics than chunky rigid panels.  These flexible marine solar panels provide ease of installation compared to traditional rigid panels.  They fit to the contours of your vessel or RV, weigh less than rigid panels and have practically no windage while using the highest efficiency solar cells currently available.

Enertec Showroom

Please feel free to visit our showroom at 5G Miro Place, Albany to either look at product, or discuss your electrical and power requirements. We would love to see you!

5G Miro Place